The wealth of the company over time

Enhancement of the individual

A&D believes in the enhancement of individuals to whom dedicate the highest attention to the creation of their marked personal and professional expectations.

Recognition of Merit

A&D believes that the value and the wealth produced by the company should be distributed with fairness among those who participated in the generation: employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers, consumers and shareholders.

Work environment and corporate culture

A&D wants its employees and collaborators to operate in a serious, safe and stimulating work environment in which the correctness, loyalty, transparency in relationships and corporate culture represent shared values GÇïGÇïthat form and highlight a winning team spirit.

Corporate Responsibility

A&D is committed to respect and meet the expectations of its consumers and the right business needs of its customers and suppliers, shared as a partner, working with ethics, transparency, honesty and compliance with commitments and always offering innovative and quality products and services.

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